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Protected: Concurso Foto-montajes [Multimedia 17-18]

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Los datos a partir de Fitbit para determinar el embarazo.

Los wearables no sólo sirven para contar nuestros pasos y medir nuestras pulsaciones: también son útiles para revelar si una mujer está embarazada. Una pareja neoyorkina puede dar fe de ello, ya que descubrieron que iban a ser padres gracias

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Concesión de ayuda a la investigación de la Fundación Mapfre

La Fundación Mapfre financiará el proyecto de un investigador de la UCLM de seguimiento de pacientes con diabetes mellitus El investigador de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) Jesús Fontecha Diezma recibirá financiación de la Fundación Mapfre para desarrollar su

Exploring the AmIHEALTH paradigm. mHealth, monitoring and research projects

This presentation shows an overview of the AmIHEALTH paradigm, the role of mHealth, monitoring systems and ecosystems, and the presentation of three research projects regarding mHealth area. It includes some concepts from Ambient Intelligence paradigm where the inclusion of its

Tercera revisión del curso Android Basics

Tercera edición del seminario Android Basics. Esta presentación muestra una visión general actualizada y revisada del sistema Android, conceptos generales, fundamentos de programación y depuración, y ejemplos útiles entre otros aspectos. Esencial para empezar a desarrollar tu primera aplicación. Se

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First steps with MongoDB (II). Database creation, collections and CRUD operations on documents

Creating a database with MongoDB is really simple. First, we need to run mongo by running the command >mongo (placed at C:\mongodb\bin). Then, change the initial database to our database in this manner: >use diet Where diet is the name

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First steps with MongoDB. Installation and configuration of a mongo server

is a #NoSQL, open-source and document database designed for ease of development and scaling. It uses documents instead of records, and it is recommended for systems which generate large amount of data (in Big Data scope). MongoDB is available for

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New end of degree projects assignment

Escuela Superior de Informática at UCLM has announced the list of TFGs for the course 2015/2016. Students interested in any of these projects should indicate these days. In End of degree projects page a list of my TFG proposals is

Google announces Brillo, an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is rejoining the Internet of Things platform wars. Today at its Google I/O conference, the company announced Brillo, the “underlying operating system for the internet of things,” with a developer preview coming in Q3 of this year. Brillo is

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Internet of Things. Definition of a concept

This presentation provides an explanation about the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. The importance of sensors, connectivity, and people and processes as well as the usefulness of smartphones with mobile devices is presented. Also, there is time for discussions and

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