Proposal for the early detection of frailty and dementia by gait analysis (FRASE)

Financed by: Ministerio de Economía y competitividad. TIN2013-47152-C3-1-R

Principal Investigator: José Bravo


  • Role: Research team member

  • September, 2014 - September 2017

The aim of this coordinated project is to provide a minimally invasive, low-cost and easily deployable solution to enable, through accelerometry, vision and gait analysis by means of evolution and customizable inference mechanisms, to diagnose the frailty and senility syndromes and study their temporal evolution. The solution proposed by FRASE will follow a Mobile Cloud Computing approach combining local processing, in the elderly people’s living environment through their smartphones or other embedded computing devices, and remote processing in the Cloud to undertake more computing costly processes that imply the correlation of history data associated to groups of elderlies.