SteByS: A web platform for physical activity analysis based on a “step-by-step” monitoring of seniors with smart wireless insoles

End of Degree project

Supervisors: Jesús Fontecha & Iván González


  • Author: Francisco de la Mata

  • September, 2020

Problems related to sedentary lifestyles and gait disorders are common in older people. These walking disorders can mean a great loss of quality of life.
The present work aims to analyse, design and develop a full-stack solution, which helps to monitor and detect problems related to gait in residential environments.
The proposed solution will consist of a sensorized insole, a mobile application, a server and a web application. The integration of these elements and the analysis of the user’s gait data using the templates will provide the responsible personnel with information about the gait and the users’ plantar pressure maps.
The solution will also serve as a tool to view the patient’s progress over time.