Jesus Fontecha

I am Assistant Professor (Ph.D lecturer) in Computer Science (Department of Languages & Information Systems) and researcher at the Castilla-La Mancha University (UCLM), performing research in the Modeling Ambient Intelligence Research Group (MAmI) and Technological Institute of Information Systems (ITSI). I received my Ph.D in 2014 by the UCLM.
Last years, I have participated in several Healthcare projects in collaboration with other universities and companies. My research interests include Ubiquitous Computing, Smart Health, mHealth, Context Awareness, AAL, Frailty, Gait Analysis, Data Mining, Visualization and User Interaction.

What I Do


Participation in several research projects and search for new sources of funding. Member of MAmI Research Group. Application of new technologies to Healthcare domain.


Collaboration in teaching activities (degree in Computer Engineering at Escuela Superior de Informatica - UCLM). Development and programming of algorithms and applications.


Perfoming management tasks in academia and research. Secretary of Ambient Intelligence Association, and manager of the emerging living lab WeCareLab at ITSI.


Development of software services, mobile applications and IoT systems. Web programming enthusiast (MERN full-stack developer).


Just another programming mugs website

Platform created for teaching purposes with the aim of sharing knowledge based on a variety of code snippets and examples in different programming languages.


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